Whether you are selling or buying a home, your highest priority outside of searching for a home or getting information from the internet highway is getting “reputable’ advice from a real estate professional. A person who knows how to listen to your needs and has the knowledge to apply themselves to the job of working for you in a manner that makes your realty experience a positive one.

We care about every aspect of customer representation and retention. We want you to be our client for life and communicate that in everything we do.

Seller Tip

When buyers view your property the best words they can say is: “nice”, “clean”, and “wow”.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money with Staging or a major home upgrade to be noticed. NextHome Fox Mason does recommend that in the very least you declutter your space, clean the floor surfaces, a thorough house cleaning and maybe some fresh paint over walls that have faded. Your home needs to show well and with that you will get more interest and get that offer you cannot refuse!

Buyer Tip

Get a home inspection and pest inspection. Repairing a home and getting the bugs out, so to speak, will give you a head start in preparing your home for resale. NextHome Fox Mason recommends identifying and repairing items that may devalue the perceived value of the home. For example, peeling paint on the eaves. Home appraisers will note this item and it will become an item that needs to be corrected if the home is sold using an FHA home loan product.

First-time buyers should always be concerned if they see water stains on the walls or ceiling or a driveway that is “cracked” with adjacent to a mature tree planted on the front lawn some 20 feet away.


Negotiate the home sale. Our sole purpose is to make sure that our customers get the very best price for their home or the best deal on their home purchase.



Provide us with your email and home address with zip code. In return we will send you a Home Brief; a better estimate of your home’s value.

Hello, I'm Jonathan

NextHome Fox Mason

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Just a little bit about myself.

I’m an adopted third-generation Japanese-American. Well almost, my biological mother was a first generation Japanese woman and father a first generation Italian. Life circumstance gave me the gift of adoption by Jim and Emily Hirai. Hard working self-employed folks who brought themselves up from being a maid and a driver into owning and thriving in their own business. I feel fortunate to live in Sacramento: it has to be the most friendly and diverse place I have ever experienced.

I have been practicing real estate as Broker producer for 14 years. I enjoy helping clients negotiate the sale of their homes or businesses. I could be selling a Million-dollar home, helping first time buyers journey into homeownership, managing income producing property or selling or leasing a commercial property. As you can tell; I do not like routine.

I was born in Oakland and raised in Tiburon, CA. Life as a kid revolved around helping my parents in the family business of Shoji making (believe me it was really cool). Although I was good at math and English, I could not make calculus and trig when I was 14 so I went the way of English and Art and enjoyed reading a lot and making drawings of people and things. I appreciate nature, the arts and food not just for sustenance but for the taste and flavors. I have traveled to Asia and Europe.

Prior to college I was in the service and learned how to “investigate and report accidents” and “guard the perimeter” of Air force bases. After college I spent 8 years in sales and marketing for small businesses, first in San Francisco then in the Santa Rosa. In 2003 I founded, Abaci Financial services, a mortgage and consulting business. During the 2008 housing I looked for a better way to help people sell and buy homes. That journey has been a long process as the real estate agent was focused on marketing themselves rather than marketing to the consumer’s needs. That market realty did not sit well for me. I was taught at a very young age that the “customer” is number one! In December of 2015 I founded Astound Group Realty Inc., so that I could offer a comprehensive real estate service: Residential, Commercial Sales and Property management.

In August, 2016 I formed Fox Mason and became a franchisee of NEXTHOME, a cutting edge consumer-centric real estate consumer brand.